For the first time in our 100+ year history, AFS will convene break-through global and local leaders, educators and volunteers committed to working across differences to find viable solutions to real-world challenges—at home and around the world.

Our goal: Bring together voices from a diverse sectors of society to maximize our collective impact in three critical areas:

  • Develop active global citizens
  • Globalize schools and institutions
  • Expand access for all to intercultural education.

The urgency of today’s problems requires united action from extraordinary individuals: You are essential to the conversation and the plans that will make a difference.

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About AFS

By linking our “learning to live together” philosophy to the defining global issues facing humanity, AFS fosters intercultural understanding as a powerful and productive tool for building a more just and peaceful world. The AFS global community embraces differences and believes our world is stronger and more interesting because of them.

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About AFS global education events

We believe fostering intercultural learning is a powerful tool to bring diverse communities together and address conflicts and challenges. Be inspired by AFS intercultural learning events around the world.


About AFS education agenda

AFS prepares and activates global citizens of all ages and backgrounds—and we support a global movement to advance intercultural learning and global citizenship education, especially in schools, university and youth organizations.


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When you donate to AFS you become part of a global community of supporters of AFS in our work to connect lives and share cultures. Your donation will help to transform the lives of millions of AFS participants, families, schools and individuals that share a commitment to help build international understanding by helping people from different parts of the world live an intercultural learning experience.

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